Tools and Writings for Oil Painters, Draftsmen and Artists


Our understanding of time and being is constantly being misled

Should you practice any art for a long time, you will probably realise that linearity and normal distributions are not well suited to describing any form of learning.

1. How did we grow so strong in our art?

How did man really achieve all his greatest art and science? Millions of year must have passed before he even realised he could use coal as a tool. It might even have been by chance. Before this decisive step was digested, more eons of man time must have gone by. And we pretend we can learn easily? Learning is speleology into man’s learning.

2. How should we learn drawing?

The positive spiral of skill starts its journey very slowly, almost at a halt. It then accelerates very slowly for years and years, resting only on faith, bread and water. It might very well die in that desert.

That until one day it hits an inflection point. Above this breaking point, things are accelerated exponentially.

Remember dear practitioners of art : those that don’t practice every single day are would-be artists. No excuses.

This spiral is the way I want to envision growth in an artist’s life.

3. Being an artist : The Art of Patience

If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your past selves will float by.

It takes quiet some time to form a human being, quite a bit more to train an artist and an eternity to give rise to a philosopher.

4. What artists really are

Artists are masters of slow motion. Where time stops, the mind exists and thinks. Decomposition and slow repetitive execution are keys for mastery of drawing.

Paintings give the false impression of being each individually separate from the painter’s other works. But they are all one and the same rehearsal for a great painting.

5. The mysterious quest for creation is an illusion

People of the modern world are constantly puzzled by creativity, its nature and origin in genius. How foolish! We don’t need creativity. We are ourselves the perpetual act of creation that pervades every living form. But still, artists take pleasure in making you think they are the mystery of creation.

6. How the artist should spend his time

“The child is innocence and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a game, a self-propelling wheel, a first motion, a sacred Yes.” Dear dear, see the world as a child at play.


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