Painting Workshop in France

8 day drawing and painting workshops in France

Learn the basic core skills of drawing and painting

I will be teaching 8 day workshops in the spring and the summer 2022 aimed at giving the basic skills in drawing and painting. These are in preparation but for more information, you can write to me at

Visit the Loire Valley and its castles

The workshop will also include visits to the Loire Valley treasures. The Loire Valley is a living laboratory: Leonardo da Vinci designed his wackiest inventions here, and kings made it the crucible of the French Renaissance. Clinging to the riverbanks, the Chateau de Chambord and its neighbours great and small tell the fabulous story of this artistic effervescence – also expressed by gardens such as those at Chaumont-sur-Loire, which is both a chateau and the landscape laboratory of the future.

Draw beautiful paintings and statues at the Beaux-arts d'Orléans

These workshops will also include drawing sessions at the Museum of Beaux-Arts of Orléans. This museum features very beautiful classical paintings and sculptures that you will be able to draw with a few critique interventions. The museum is also very quiet to allow you to enjoy all this beauty in silence!