Tools and Writings for Oil Painters, Draftsmen and Artists

About Pejmann

Should this “about me” section be about you? A lot of lost souls of the modern world would like to think so. We should “sell ourselves and have interesting stories to tell”. Isn’t that lovely? But now then, if these people are right, then they are liars : because when it’s about you, it is then clearly about me!

Of course that it is about me. How could one escape such things? But let’s say there’s something I don’t know and it still could be about you. You’re really lost now, aren’t you? Well, good. That’s a nice start.

A hundred brilliant artists would be enough to improve painting and most importantly life.

One’s own way. -When we take the decisive step and set out on the way one calls one’s “own way”: a secret suddenly reveals itself to us: even all those with whom we were friendly and intimate-all have imagined themselves superior to us and are offended. The best among them are lenient with us and wait patiently for us to rediscover the “right way” -they know it, of course! Others make fun and act as if one had gone temporarily batty or else point spitefully to a seducer. The more malicious declare us to be vain fools and attempt to blacken our motives. The worst ones see in us their worst enemy, one who thirsts for revenge after a long period of dependence- and is afraid of us. What’s to be done? I advise: we initiate our sovereignty by assuring all our acquaintances a year’s amnesty in advance for their sins of every kind.